new pic from Tialand
new pic from Tialand
Rihanna is taking a brief break from her Diamonds tour, and spending a few days relaxing in Thailand and soaking up the sunshine and persuading somebody to take some pictures of her while she kneels on the floor shows off her pretty pale pink Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini.
Rihanna's last gig was in Manila - the capital of the Philippines - but she managed to schedule in a three day holiday in Phuket, Thailand, before heading down for her next performance in Singapore tonight.
And with another 19 performances to get through between now and November, it looks like Rihanna deserves her mini break.
After all, Thailand looks very peaceful. Much more peaceful than being back in the US and listening to Chris Brown talk some more about how he wishes people would forget his violent and abusive past, anyway.
Plus, Rihanna even revealed that she woke up one morning to find a flower garland for her head waiting next to her. "Woke up on the couch with this on a tray next to my head!!" she tweeted, promptly putting it on, flicking her mullet tail over her shoulders and doing exactly what she does best.

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